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Character Analysis Paper
Donna Easter
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Introduction to the Gifted and Talented
EDLF 5500
Dr. Kelly Hedrick
October 02, 2011

Character Analysis Paper
In summarizing the movie Akeelah and the Bee this writer will begin with a description of the leading character Akeelah Anderson. Akeelah is an eleven-year-old seventh grade African-American female living in the inner city. Her educational background revealed she was promoted to a higher level in the second grade. This caused her to be a young middle school student. She is the youngest child of four children. Her father was murdered which caused her to be the product of a single family home. She attended a school that appeared to be aged and had a history of low academic achievement. She was invited to participate in her schools spelling bee where she became the winner for the school. This movie was a depiction of her journey to a national title.
While Akeelah demonstrated many gifted characteristics. Research indicates that culturally different learner’s score on average lower than middle-class students on standardize intelligence tests. This may have been the case for Akeelah. According to Frasier & Garcia, (1995) test bias, selective referrals and reliance on deficit-based paradigms cause underrepresentation and identification of minority students in gifted programs. These children are not easily identified and remain invisible (Davis, Rimm, & Siegle, 2011, p. 328). Current research also reflects concerns over recruiting and maintaining minority students in gifted education programs (Ford, 1998, p. 4). These concerns of identification call for the use of a multidimensional approach when identifying these individuals.
However, this character had a teacher who was knowledgeable of gifted traits. She exhibited the ability to recognize the strengths of a student who is…...

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