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Al Alain City Municipality

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Background Municipal organisations across the world are one of the vital aspects of the modern society. These are affecting different strata of the society. Based on social and economic environment, municipalities display different characteristics in infrastructure, facilities, needs they cater, budget, efficiency and effectiveness and combinations of all globally (Knutsson, Mattison, Ramberg and Tagesson, 2008; Hafskjol, 2010). Boudreau Potkins and Sheflin, (2003) studied municipal corporation in Canadian context. They identified certain significant factors with impact on best practices of municipal organisation such as decision making and investment planning, environmental protocols, roads and sidewalks, water and sanitation, storm and wastewater. In the Chinese context, Liu (2005) claimed the integral elements of evolving system, central planning and economic transition to be the key success factors of improved infrastructure of Municipalities in China. Liu explored various scopes of improvements in the efforts of China in order to meet the challenges of future.

Al Alain City Municipality Researcher focuses on the Al Alain city municipality for the study. This city has reputation of being ‘Garden city of the Gulf’. This city has nearly 4000 years old history and significant role in history of the UAE. The Alain city municipality is the part of the departments of Municipal Affairs. This was established in 1967. It started working as a circle-governmental organisation after it got organised by Special Emiri Decree in 1974 (Government of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, 2011). This municipal organisation has adopted advanced and latest technologies and techniques in order to serve its purposes. “Al Ain Municipality as an institution service was able to take the latest and highest standards of scientific and professional in quality and…...

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