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Al Capone

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Research Paper Al “Scarface” Capone was the ultimate american gangster. Not only did he run the streets by the time he was 15, Capone ran all of Chicago for multiple years by the time he was 30 (Chicago Historical Society 1). In 1929, what is known as Chicago’s most brutal day, The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre occurred when Capone’s rival gang was murdered because he had one goal and that goal was to run the streets, just as he did (History Channel 1). While the feds were hot and heavy on him, Capone fled to Florida to lay low for a bit. When he was at his highest point of control of most of the country he was making close to $100,000,000 a year. While going back and forth from Florida to Chicago, Capone had up to 5 gangster headquarters. Once the police started to catch on to his case, they decided to give Al “Scarface” Capone a new nickname, “Public enemy number one” (History Channel 1).

Capone had a wild childhood. He was born in January of 1899 in a small house in Brooklyn, New York (Chicago historical Society 1). By the time Al Capone was 15 he was brought up from the “kids gangs” (Chicago Historical Society 1) into the notorious Five Points Gang by Frankie Yale in 1916. Capone had a couple jobs as a bouncer and a bartender at Frankie Yales’ gangster dive bars and the Harvard Inn. While working at the Harvard Inn, Capone acquired the nickname “Scarface” because of an incident when a girlfriends brother of his beat him up and the name stuck ever since. Al Capone’s most vicious and bloody scam was without a doubt The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. The Valentines Day of 1929 was turned around from kisses and chocolate, to gunshots and dead bodies in the North side of Chicago’s infamous “Scarface” territories. When the authorities arrived to the scene all that was left of the 7 gangsters under the power of George “Bugs” Moran was the bodies torn apart with bullet holes and covered in blood. Capone had sneaky and discrete plan with his attack, as he always did, while him and his mob dressed as Chicago Police and raided the garage and shot the rival gang up (History Channel 1). Although Al Capone was never charged with anything related to this massacre due to a plea claiming that he was never involved and that he was in Florida the whole time and no idea about any of the situation. (Federal Bureau of Investigation 1). With Capone in a sticky and sketchy situation, he quickly got out of Chicago’s bloody streets and fled to Florida to lay low and let the police get off his back. While in Florida, Al Capone still had complete control of his gangster hideouts and gangster headquarters located all around Chicago. There were up to 5 known “headquarters” in Chicago’s largest hotels ran by Capone himself where him and his mobsters could discuss top secret information in a top secret location. Not only did he lead the prohibition bootlegging legacy, he ran multiple saloons, gambling houses, speakeasies, horse race tracks, nightclubs, and distilleries. The income from all of these small business’ was around $100,000,000. Capone had all the money in the world and all the power in the United States. Al Capone even had inside relationships with the mayor of Chicago, “Big Bill”, who had to decided to cut Capone off because “He was bad for his political image” (Chicago Historical Society 4). Capone was never successfully killed by anyone because of his “extensive spy network in Chicago, from newspaper boys to policeman.” (Chicago Historical Society 4). Capone was rarely ever tried for any of the allegations against him simply because he was able to bride authorities and police with all of his money that he had. When Capone was 30 he served his only sentence which was for carrying a gun on him in public. When he was let out of prision a year later, the Chicago Police Department declared Al Capone the nickname of “Public Enemy One” which meant that Capone had reached the peak of his hierarchy and dominated the largest and most violent city in America (Chicago Historical Society 7). Al Capone was without a doubt the most dangerous and deadly gangster of all of America’s time. Not only did he make $100,000,000 in one year from illegal business, he was able to get out of most every crime he was tried for. He got away with what is known as America’s bloodiest massacre where Capone and his gangsters dressed up as police and took out another gang without getting in any trouble with the law and ran the streets at a young since then.

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