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Aladin Modernization Essay

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Come friends, come close. This is the tale of a wonderful man named Al Addin. Al, short for Albert, mind you. This tale is sure to appease any appetite for adventure and, in the process, ignite questions and quench desire for a delightful tale of epic proportions. Now, without further ado, the tale of Al Addin.

We start in New York City, America where, if you can make it there, you could make it just anywhere. Thousands of people flood into New York for opportunities in life. The year is 2019.
Now, you may be wondering, where’s Al in all this? Well, he’s struck out of luck. Born into poverty, he lived his life working odd end jobs until they could no longer hire him; not because of anything in particular that he had done wrong, simply out of quickly developed annoyance towards his unpredictable character. He fell into the cracks of New York's elite and thus resorted to... ‘other means’ to get by in daily New York City Life.

"Stop, thief!" the baker yelled in vexation, rushing out of his store, chasing Al with a rolling pin. As he does so, multiple policemen appear from either side of the street and join him in tailing the thief.

The group chase after the poorly dressed lad, who stood 5 foot 10 inches, accompanied by a wildly yapping Pomeranian. He looked constantly alert, calculating, his eyes a deep shade of brown. His skin, usually clear of blemishes, was dirty and looked like it had been weeks since he had had a proper shower, the same amount of grime showing also in his hair. In his hand was just a plain loaf of bread, fresh out of the oven, flour dusted over it. On his work overalls was a simply-stitched name: “Al”.

"Stop! Stop right now!" the policemen yelled, storming through the alleys and streets after the offender. Luckily for Al, he knew this part of New York very well, for it was his home turf - Brooklyn.

"You'll have to

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