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Alcan Gove Pty Ltd - Social Bottom Line

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Alcan Gove Pty Ltd - Social Bottom Line

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Alcan Gove Pty Ltd - Social Bottom Line

Alcan Gove reports their social bottom line in the Environment Impact Statement (EIS), which considers and analyses the social, economic and environmental impacts that may arise and how these impacts can be dealt with (Alcan, 2007d, p.1). The social bottom line assesses the surrounding region of the Alcan Gove Operations, the possible social impacts that may arise and the strategies to deal with these social impacts.

Social impacts
Alcan Gove’s (2007b, p12) major social impacts are: - The increased air emissions and dust - The effect on the water quality in the Gove region - The increased of bauxite residue and manufacturing of waste disposal

Impact Management Plan Alcan Gove has established an Impact Management plan to manage the social impacts. Alcan Gove (2007a, p.12) aims to “minimise detrimental social and/or community impacts ... and maximise opportunities for local businesses.”
The social impacts will be controlled through the establishment of: - Greenhouse gases controls and examinations on equipments to assure reasonable air quality - Implementation of new technology for calcinin to enhance energy efficiency and reduce dust emissions - Implementation of the waste water inventory reduction project (Alcan, 2007b, p.12).
The Alcan Gove operations have established a community consultation plan for the public notices on projects, business development, training and employment opportunities. The business supplies a free bus service to transport their employees to work in order to reduce the amount of fossil fuel emission (Alcan, 2007c, p.9).

Alcan Gove focuses on the interests of both their...

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