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The second Erik stepped away from the microphone and the lecture ended Jubilee sprang up to her feet, Brice through sheer luck grabbed a hold of her arm and stopped her from shoving her way through the crowd of students trying to exit the auditorium. “What do you think you’re doing?” he quietly hissed at her as she kept her eyes trained at the front of the auditorium where the red clad Massachusetts squad had been seated.

“Just going to have a friendly chat,” Jubilation said clearly annoyed at her boyfriend.

“Ever think now is not the time?” he asked trying to make his tone sound less annoyed then he felt.

Jubilee scowled ahead watching the other students file out of the room, “No time like the present,” she said.


Sarah looked over her shoulder, Reyes and Emma talking…

A lot. Like almost sense she came off stage.

Why did this make her feel sick? Not morning sickness sick, just worried sick.

She turned around and mechanically began following her classmates out when Sean who was at the head of the group stopped and craned his head around in Emma’s direction. The queasy sensation doubled and for a second she wondered if she was just imagining beginning to sweat or if that was really happening.

His expression was neutral, so maybe this had nothing to do with her. They were all teachers, teachers talk to one another, she tried to reason. He was talking in his normal voice to the class, giving instructions to go to the danger room and wait for an instructor, ok totally normal. Then he called her out, would he have said only for a moment if Reyes had said… No, well maybe… no way to tell, Banshee had always been far nicer of the two instructors. She forced a smile and let herself be led from the room.


At the back of the auditorium Brice watched his girlfriend, ordinarily he loved her passion and dedication, today in this instance it was a pain in the ass. He wondered if she was going to start standing on the seat to get a better view as more of the students and teachers exited. At least they were at the very back while the Gen X kids had been at the very front. As far as he could tell from back here all the red and gold uniforms were gone.

With the last student gone she got to her feet, “So much for that… Well the class schedules are different now; maybe I’ll see her in one of my classes.”

“I doubt it,” Brice said quietly then as she glared at him he shrugged defensively, “She’s in college prep and honors courses Jubes, you are in basic most have classes for the most part.”

“Must have…,” she mumbled quietly to herself then flashed a brilliant smile at him, “Which means we’ll probably see her in Reye’s class just before lunch!”

Brice felt sick but had a feeling she might be right. As far as he knew Reyes class would only be offered once a day and it was a requirement for everyone.”

They walked out of the auditorium together and Brice sighed his frustration, “Well my first hours the same far as I know, so I’m off to algebra. See you at third period and Doc Reyes class.”

Jubilee grinned and kissed his cheek, “That is if you survive second period gym.”

“Don’t remind me,” he harrumphed, “One of the classes I’m forced to take now as a full time student. Think I almost miss those days I hid out in my attic room and didn’t know about the craziness down here.”

Jubilee laughed and squeezed his hand, “You don’t mean that B.” She let go of his hand and out of the corner of her eye she saw a red uniform disappear into the bathroom, giving him a quick hug she stepped back, “Need to visit the girls room myself, so I’ll see you soon.” She walked away feeling sure she was about to corner the girl without Brice there to slow her down. She was certain Brice was watching her walk away, but he didn’t seem about to stop her, so chances were good he was just admiring the view. Entering the rest room she nearly came face to chest with the blond. “Whoa, down girl.” She glared at Jubilee for a moment then went back to examining herself from the side again. Well hell if she wanted to make it that easy, “So when are you do Morris?”

The blond stopped in herself examination and glared once again at the new arrival, “Ha, not funny.”

“I’m not being funny, I figured it out,” Jubilee said honestly, “So how many months along are you.”

“Months?” She said, “You hit your head or something?”

“Did you?” Jubilee shot back, “Look if I know, then how long until the whole school knows?”

“Right because I’m supposed to be with child,” she snarled, “Only, oh wait, the bloody tampon I left in the stall over there says differently so clearly your detective skills need work.”

“Just drop the pretense all ready, I really do just want to help,” Jubilee reminded herself to stay calm.

“Excuse me?” now she stopped hands moving to her hips, “This isn’t funny, knock it off now!”

Jubilee opened her mouth, “The stress of keeping this…secret…,” her voice trailed off as she looked more closely. Fuck silver not gold. Wrong one.

“Look I get I’m retaining water, but there’s no need to be mean about it,” Misty said shifting her attention back to the mirror. She frowned catching Jubilee’s reflection, “What?!”

Jubilee swallowed once stepping back, she forced a laugh, “Yer right Morris, my joke wasn’t that funny.” She stepped into one of the stalls shutting the door. Did she not know her own sister was…but they were twins shouldn’t she notice…well Misty could be a little self absorbed… well she’s a good actress maybe she’s just playing dumb… Jubilee stayed there long after Misty had left thinking over what she should do.


Sarah made herself relax. Panic was her first impulse, but with Ms. Frost behind her panic would be bad. Big red flag. She didn’t seem mad or distressed as they moved into one of the empty class rooms. Mr. Cassidy didn’t seem upset either. Reyes, ok she could just not read the woman at all.

Reyes smile was fixed in place, “This shouldn’t take long. I would like to have Sarah as my student aid while I’m teaching here.”

That was all? Sarah almost wanted to weep with joy, she relaxed, “Sure, I have a study hall period I could use then, fourth period just after lunch.”

Emma looked at the woman, then to her student. She felt more than a little out of touch with her students since the move with Jack and his group. “I’m surprised you’d give up your free period that easily.”

Sarah blinked she hadn’t expected either to object, “I should be ok, my grades have never been in question before.”

Cecelia clapped a hand on Sarah’s shoulder, “I’m hardly a slave driver, she’d just be grading papers, making copies, very ordinary office like activities.”

Emma seemed about to object when Sean finally spoke, “It’d be good experience for the lass.”

This earned him an annoyed glare from the White Queen and judging from the slight facial spasms that passed occasionally between her two teachers it was clear something was being said telepathically.

Cecelia squeezed her shoulder then stepped forward, “Well just need to fill her in on some things she’ll need to know for later today. Clearly you two have a class to teach.” As if to accent her point a loud bell sounded signaling the beginning of first period. She smiled as the two walked out of the room then shutting the door she rounded, smile falling off her face, “Guessing by your scared rabbit look they don’t know.”

Sarah looked down at the ground, “No, not yet.” She made herself inhale then look up.

“You were afraid I was going to tell them,” Cecelia said quietly leaning back against the door.

“Terrified, but with a telepath present not a good idea to project that,” Sarah said quietly.

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