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Alcohol Service Must Stop at 4:00am in Nys

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Alcoholic beverages regulation in the United States emerged from the standards established in the United Kingdom. It all started with the regulation of prices to prevent inflation, down to the aspects of managing consumption and labor discipline. Such pattern continued to be the focus of regulations within the United States from the Fifteenth century to early twentieth century regulations on saloons, which are often seen as meeting centers for labor unions. Back then was the belief that drinking and entertainment were an obvious impediment to a longer, more regular working week and the intensification of work required by industrialization. These regulations were not established to prohibit consumption of alcohol so much as to regulate the conditions of its use. It was not until the midnight of January 16, 1920, that the Prohibition Act came into effect. The whole of United States went dry; breweries, distilleries, and saloons were forced to shut down. The temperance movements had triumphed by linking Prohibition to a variety of Progressive era social causes. Among the reformers were industrialists, such as Henry Ford, who were concerned about the impact of drinking on labor productivity and many women reformers who were concerned about alcohol's link to wife beating and child abuse. Proponents of Prohibition claimed that without alcohol, the nation's health would improve, crime rate would drop, industries like dairy would prosper as an alternative to alcohol, corruption and machine politics would end, juvenile delinquency would virtually be eliminated, immigrants would be Americanized and the average workers productivity would increase, leading to an increase in economic prosperity for the nation. RATIFICATION OF...

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