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Aldi War Game Call Summary; Discussion Topics, Take-aways
Please find the below outline summary of our call and my understanding of the War Game engagement. I have included an outline of my questions “Open Questions” I’m working on answering, steps I’m taking and reference materials. * Could you please elaborate on the deliverable format you’re looking for from me? * When I do store visits, I know you well enough to know but I don’t want to assume fully. Is there something in particular you’re wanting pictures of? Something different from the urban store vs the rural store? * Please note my objectives for the store visits, please add direction accordingly. * Lastly, please add anything I may have overlooked or need to expand upon.

First Steps, Preliminary- Getting up to speed. * Gain background on Aldi operations, discussed further herein * Read Briefing Book, “--

Aldi is referred herein as, “they”, “their” or the “company”

War Game Structure & Objective: * Strategy development and testing multiple hypothetical market scenarios applying simulation techniques to collect & compare theoretical responses by each competitor under various strategic focuses * All with the focus of pressure testing Walmart’s Growth Strategies to estimate/predict how Walmart would respond at each corporate regional and store levels. To determine how Walmart’s strategies stack up with the competition and how Walmart would fare compared to its competitors in changing markets?

* For Walmart’s business strategy war games which will have approximately four teams made up of Aldi Kroger Walmart and another grocer * Each team will apply/define their current strategies and future strategies based on the four corners principals (motivation,...

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