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Investigation into Biometric Technologies and the Development of a Fingerprint Recognition Application

Student Name: Robert Heaney ST No: 10550804.

Supervisor: Jonathan G. Wallace

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Note: Incomplete, this document is currently in draft


This preliminary document covers the presentation phase of a final year BSc (Hons) computing science project aiming to investigate biometric technologies and develop a fingerprint recognition application to allow logging of student attendance at lectures. The introduction offers some background to the project and establishes the aims and objectives of the project overall. Following on from the introduction, the literature review presents a critique of research material that provides the basis for the project. This material includes a number of texts, journals and research papers as well as additional information sourced from the Web. As drawn from the literature, the subject areas covered include; history and background to modern biometrics; technological, social, organisational and environmental influences; key technologies in the market today; design issues, including security, performance and testing.

In chapter 3, attention turns to requirements analysis for the development of a fingerprint recognition system. The process follows a requirements engineering approach to development by formally establishing user requirements and allowing continuous requirements assessment throughout the project life-cycle. The design approach and methodology used to model the problem are also addressed here. Chapter 4 deals with high level design issues such as requirements engineering in the solution domain; assessment and selection of technology options; project management and implementation strategy and evaluation of user requirements.


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