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The novel 'Alice in wonderland’, written by Lewis Caroll is considered to be one of the best example of the literary nonsense genre. Disney has successfully it into a cartoon in 1951. In this video clip we can see Alice seeing Mad Hatter and March Hare in a tea party, all though there are many chairs and tables, there were no one except them. Alice also wanted to join the tea party with them, but when Mad Hatter and March Hare saw her, they said her that’s there's no room for her ,although there were plenty of space .Then Alice apologized and said she enjoyed very much their singing and praised March Hare and Mad Hatter. Then they accepted her in to the party, Alice said it's a very enjoyable Birthday Party, but then said it's not a birthday party, but an unbirthday party, but Alice didn’t understand it, then they explained her what's an unbirthday is. Then they got to know that it's an unbirthday of Alice too. So, they celebrate it by singing a song. Then Mad hatter takes out a cake out of his hat. When Alice blew the candle, it goes p like a firework, and Dormouse comes out of it and he’s falling with the aid of a little umbrella, singing Twinkle,Twinkle.

By watching this video, we can obviously see that how successful Disney was, converting the novel into a cartoon. The expressions and acts of the characters that can be seen it this video,show us a great humor which sometimes we can’t get by reading a text. We can also see many nonsense and unrealistic things, such as dancing tea pots, creating a cake out of a hat etc and the way Mad hatter and March Hare talk is simply...

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