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I strongly believe that aliens exist in the United States if America. We have those restricted areas because we’re hiding aliens. People see so many UFO’s, either they’re lying about them or we are really hiding aliens.
Area 51 has got to be restricted for something. In that military base, according to, there are over 30 levels that are above top secret. For many years now, we’ve had our government lie to us about a lot of things, of course they would lie to us about aliens. Area 51 is so restricted that not even the president is at a high enough rank to enter without someone keeping an eye on him. If you even step in that area without being invited you will be quickly eliminated.
UFO’s are widely seen around the world seen around the world. Even more widely around the U.S. more closely around areas near Area 51. Yes, may people make up UFO sightings and tamper with videos, but there are people who have seen them, or at lease think that they really seen them. You can never tell who is really telling the truth. If someone actually has proof the government decides to delete all known history about what that person has to say.
The government lets people talk to an extent, bit it is about them and someone decides to put the governments business out to be known to the world, the government is quick to shut them up. For example, in 1977 on the Art Bell Radio Show, Bell recieved a frantic phone call from a man who claimed to have been inside Area 51. He started talking about how the government knew that the aliens are here to stay, and he started to cry and seemed scared out of his mind, then suddenly the whole radio station went Off-Air for about 30 seconds. The government did that, Because he was telling the truth. The government is hiding aliens.
The scary bt honest truth is that the government has hidden many things from us, aliens…...

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