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The page complete and functioning very well, all the aliments of the page are ready to be used as soon as entering the website, the content is included in each link in the page. The title of the page is Aljazeera and the logo of the network is at the left side of the word, it's noticeable because it's written in a big font size and a special font style. A big network like Aljazeera need for sure to be updated frequently add on the argent news happening must be included in the website, the website has allot of parts and each part talks about a special kind of news for example the wither, sports, and watch live, those areas are a sensitive information's and must be updated as soon as an information is received to the network responsible employees, looking at the website Aljazeera didn’t miss that point at all, the information's are being updated frequently. At first the audience of Aljazeera was just Arab world, but at November 2006 Aljazeera English has been lunched the target audience after that is all the world with its deferent Taste and backgrounds Aljazeera nowadays gives almost all the news that each one around the world would need, it's almost nothing there you are not interested in. Aljazeera has no any obvious bias or slant to the information it has been always with the truth and human rights and it's taking it as a lead to its perfection, actually Aljazeera has an awards proofing that, and it's giving both sides Opinions which is fair enough. There are allot of information's are available in the websites and it could satisfy almost all the videos of the website, actually the website is sectioned in to the type of the news are provided there, and they are news(internationally with section of regions of the world to be more specified), programs( the programs that are being showed in the channel and there are allot of things to read about), videos,...

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Arab Spring of a series of harassments that he had experienced, and the last indignity that he suffered was being slapped by a female Tunisian government employee.[2] He then subsequently set himself on fire, and this event is was set off the Arab Spring, or the Arab Awakening, as it is also called.[3] However, this was only the catalyst; the Arab Spring is a fluid, ongoing event that is steeped in history with economic, political, and social factors contributing to its occurrence. After Mohamed’s self-immolation there were thirty days of national protests in Tunisia before the former Tunisian dictator Zine El Abidine was removed from power.[4] During this time there were others in the Arab world watching this on satellite channels like Aljazeera, so there was an increase in cases of self-immolation in other parts of the Arab world, including Egypt.[5] Many in Egypt were watching this going on and thought that if a small country like Tunisia can overthrow a dictator through popular uprising then perhaps they could do the same thing.[6] In Egypt there was a situation in which several forces came together to call for people to go to the streets to protest against the former Mubarak regime. The people who took to the streets and led the protest were mainly socially conscious, educated youth who were also largely underemployed.[7] These men and women helped to lead the way, and went to Tahrir...

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...of the reason it is so interesting to me. To start my research, I came up with a few questions about the revolutions, which guided my research. These questions were: Why did the citizens start to revolt? What is happening during the aftermath of the revolution? What effect does this revolution (Tunisian) have on other countries? Why has Tunisia succeeded while other countries have not had the same success? These questions were very helpful when it came to doing research. While doing my research some websites were helpful, when others did not have quite the same usefulness. The two best sources that I used for my research were Britannica and Aljazeera. These sources had great insight on the revolution in Tunisia, especially the Aljazeera article “Political Violence and the Efforts to Salvage Tunisia’s Revolution.” Aljazeera has even sent field agents to go report in Tunisia and Libya. Britannica gave a day by day outline in the article “Jasmine Revolution.” These two articles gave plenty of information, which was almost completely relevant. The first uprisings throughout the Middle East came from a single protestor in the small town of Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia. Unrest began after Mohammed Bouazizi, an unemployed 26-year-old, protested...

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...THE 2015-2016 SHORT TERM STRATEGIC PLAN I. Introduction by the Founder/Chairman and CEO of GTQF Trust II. Executive summary 1.0. Situation analysis 2.0. Strategic plan with –Vision, Mission statement and Statement of Core Values 3.0. GTQF Internal (SWOT) and External (PESTELD) Environment analysis. 4.0. Organization Back Ground 5.0. Strategic Goals and Objectives 6.0. Task and Budget 7.0. Implementation and Control Appendices A. Current member list B. Operational Activities C. List of Accomplishments D. Planning Principals E. GTQF contact details I. INTRODUCTION BY THE GTQF Founder/Chairman and CEO The GTQF strategic plan, 2015-2016 which follows is the result of hard work and many meetings, drafts by the Strategic planning committee, the input and guidance of myself. The process began in 2015 when the Strategic planning Committee formed (Lorato Chalimba, Ndifanji Namacha , MaryAnn Talemba, Reuben Ndovie, Kingsley Mtila, and myself) began to assess our Foundation environment. This committee then issued a report to the Board of Trustees soon after meeting updating the Board on goals and objectives to be accomplished and recommendations for action items needing to be completed. Three Board of Trustees representatives; thus, myself, Blessings Nkhata and Zondwayo Mafuleka were invited to participate, the Executive Committee was proposed by the Chairman to the Board of Trustees and it was introduced by the CEO to the Strategic......

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