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Drill and Ceremony Terminology
Element- This is an individual, squad, section, platoon, company, or larger unit formed as part of the next higher unit.
Formation- This is an arrangement of the unit's elements in a prescribed manner such as a line formation, in which the elements are side-by-side, and column formation, in which the elements are one behind the other. In a platoon column, the members of each squad are one behind the other with the squads abreast.
Front- This is a space from one side to the other side of a formation, and includes the right and left elements.
Depth- This is a space from the front to the rear of a formation, including the front and rear elements.
Distance- This is the space between elements that are one behind the other. The distance between individuals is an arm's length plus 6 inches, or approximately 36 inches, measured from the chest of one soldier to the back of the soldier immediately to his front.
Interval- This is the space between side-by-side elements.
Rank- This is a line that is only one element in depth.
File- This is a column that has a front of one element.
Guide- This is the person responsible for maintaining the prescribed direction and rate of march.
Post- This is the correct place for an officer or noncommissioned officer to stand in a prescribed formation.
Head- This is a column's leading element.
Base- This is the element around which a movement is planned or regulated.
Cadence- This is a uniform rhythm or number of steps or counts per minute.
Quick Time- This is a cadence of 120 counts (steps per minute).
Double Time- This is a cadence of 180 counts (steps per minute).
Facing Movements
Facing to the flank is a two-count movement for turning to one side or the other. The command is "Left, face" or "Right, face." The Figure below illustrates "left face." On the command of execution, "Face," slightly raise yourself 90 degrees to the left on your left heel. A slight pressure on the ball of your right foot will help you do this correctly. Keep your right leg straight, but not stiff. On the second count, place your right foot beside your left foot, and resume the position of attention. Hold your arms as you would while at attention as you execute this movement. Right face will be executed in the very same way as left face, simply substituting right for left and left for right.
Division Commanders Ranks from Colonel --> General
(This is also the ranks of the Division Executive Officers)

Brigade Commanders Ranks from Major --> Colonel
(This is also the ranks of the Brigade Executive Officer and Division Guidons)

Battalion Commanders Ranks from Captain --> Lieutenant Colonel
(This is also the ranks of the Battalion Executive Officer and Brigade Guidons)

Company Commanders Ranks from 1st Lieutenant --> Major
(This is also the ranks of the Company Executive Officer and Battalion Guidons)

Platoon Leaders Ranks from 2nd Lieutenant --> Captain
(This is also the ranks of the Company Guidons, Flag Bearers, Color Guards, Medic Commander and Executive Officer, COCC Commander and Executive Officer, Military Police Commander and Executive Officer and the Military Police)
The following are the approved Filipino Translation of Important English drill commands. Finalize yourself with these commands and use them when drilling your troops.

A. Katayuan sa pagtindig (Position of Attention)
1. Humanda (Attention)
2. Humanay (Fall in line)
3. Masinsing Pagitan, Humanay (At Close Interval. Fall in line)
4. Magtipon (Assemble)
5. Manumbalik (As you Were)

B. Katayuan sa Paghinga Nakahinto (Rest at Halt)
1. Tikas Pahinga (Parade Rest)
2. Tindig Paluwag (Stand at Ease)
3. Paluwag (at Ease)
4. Pahinga (Rest)
5. Tiwalag (Fall out)
6. Lumansag (Dismissed)
C. Pagharap Kung Nakahinto (Facing at the Halt)
1. Harap sa Kanan, Rap (Right Face)
2. Harap sa Kaliwa, Rap (Left Face)
3. Harap sa Likdod, Rap (About Face)
4. Harap Hating-kaliwa, Rap (Left Half Face)
5. Harap Hating-Kanan, Rap (Right Half Face)

D. Pagpugay (Salute)
1. Pugay Kamay, Na (Hand Salute)
2. Tingin sa Kanan, Na (Eyes Right)

E. Hakbang at Lakad (Steps and Marching)
1. Bilang Hakbang, Na (Count Cadence Count)
2. Isa, Dalawa, Tatlo, Apat (One, Two, Three, Four)
3. Pasulong, Kad (Forward March)
4. Tilap/Palutong, Hinto (Squad/Platoon Halt)
5. Patakda, Kad (Mark Time March)
6. Hating Hakbang, Kad (Half Step March)
7. Takbong-Hakbang, Kad (Double Time March)
8. Sigalng-Hakbang, Kad (Quick Time March)
9. Hakbang Pakanan, Kad (Right/Left Step March)
10. Paurong, Kad (Backward March)
11. Pabalik, Kad (Roar March)
12. Paulit-Hakbang, Kad (Change Step March)
13. Layang Hakbang, Kad (Rout Step March)
14. Paluwag, Kad (at Ease March)
15. Liko sa Kanan/Kaliwa, Kad (Column Right/Left March)
16. Pagawing Kanan/Kaliwa, Kad (Incline to the Right/Left)
17. Kanang/Kaliwang Panig, Kad (Right Left Oblique March)
18. Sa Lunan, Hinto (In Place Halt)
19. Patuloy, Kad (Resume March)

A. Pagtitipon at Paghahanay (Assembly and Alignment of Troops)
1. Tunton-Kanan/Kaliwa, Na (Dress Right/Left Dress)
2. Masinsing Pagitan, Tunton Kanan, Na (At Close Interval, Dress Right Dress)
3. Handa, Rap (Ready Front)
4. Tunton, Na (Cover-Up)
5. Patnubay sa Kanan/Kaliwa/Gitna (Guide Right/Left/Center)
6. Manumbalik (As You Were)
7. Manatiling Walang Kilos (Stand Fast) o (Stand Feet) ? Ang Labo kc ii !
8. Sumaluman (Posts)
9. Ibayong Dalang Pakanan/Pakaliwa, Na (Take Interval to the Right/Left)
10. Magtipon sa Kanan/Kaliwa, Kad (Assemble to the Right/Left March)
11. Sunuran ng mga Tilap/Pulutong (In Column of Squads/Platoons)
12. Sunuran Mula sa Kanan/Kaliwa o Isahan Mula sa Kanan/Kaliwa

B. Pagpalit ng Pagitan (Change of Interval)
1. Isahang/Tuluyang Bilang, Na (Count Call, off)
2. Dalawahang/Tatluhang bilang, Na (Count by Twos/Threes, Count)
3. Sabay na Bilang, Na (By the Number, Count)

A. Panawagan sa Pagtitipon (Assembly Call)
B. Mga Patnubay Sumahanay (Guides on the Line
C. Patnubay sa Lunan, Kad (guides, Post)
D. Ginoo, Handa na po ang Patikas (Sir, The Parade is Formed)
E. Sumalunan (Take yuor Post)
F. Ihudy at (Sound Off)
G. Ginoo, Handa na po ang Tipon sa Pagsisiyasat (Sir, the Troops are Ready for Inspection)
H. Kalipunan Sumalikod Ko (Staff Behind Me)
I. Tanggapin ang Ulat/Mag-ulat (Receive the Report)
J. Narito pong Lahat, Napag-alamanan (All Present or Accounted for)
K. Ihayag ang Kautusan (Publish the Order)
L. Mga Nakatalaga Ngayon (Details for Today)
M. Pinunong Panlarangan (Field Officer of the Day)
N. Pinunong Panlarangan/Tagapamahala/Tagapangalaga (Field Officer of the Day, Officer of the Day and Officer In-Charge)
O. Mga Pinuno, Pumagitna, Kad (Officers, Center, March)
P. Mga Pinuno Hinto (Officers, Halt)
Q. Mga Pinuno Balik, Kad (Officer, Post March)
R. Mga Taong Pararangalan at mga Watawat, Pumagitna, Na (Persons to be Decorated and all Colors, Center March)
S. Pasa-Masid (Pass-In-Review)
T. Ginoo, Tapos na po ang Seremonya/Parangal (Sir, The ceremony/Honors Is over)
A. Loudness – it is adjusted to the number of men in the unit. A command should be loud enough to be heard and understood by all receiving and executing the command.
B. Volume – is best attained by good posture of the body, proper breathing, and correct timing in giving commands.
C. C. Diaphragm – large muscle that separates the chest cavity. It automatically controls the breath in giving commands.
D. D. Distinctiveness – to insure the distance command, pronounce and enunciate the words correctly. These done, through the proper use of lips, tongue and teeth.
E. E. Inflection – rise and fall of pitch and tone, changes of the voice.
F. F. Cadence in Command – means a uniform and rhythmic flow of words.
1. TA – for manual of arms
2. RAP – for the facings and movements at rest
3. KAD – from halt to go into motion
4. NA – while in motion to another motion
5. TO – while in motion to stop
- extra quantity in a command that demands immediate response
1. Preparatory Command – states the movement or formation to be carried out and mentally prepares the individual for its execution.
2. Command of Execution – that part of the order which tells the troop to do or execute the movements or it is to be carried out. These commands are written in capital letters.
- an oral order of the commander or leader.
Rules in giving command:
1. When at halt, the commander faces his troop when giving commands. When a command was given which places the troop in motion, he moves simultaneously with a unit in order to maintain correct position with the formation.
2. 2. While marching at flank, he turns his head in the direction of the troop and gives his command.
A. Drills – consist of certain movements by which a unit or individual are moved in an orderly, uniform manner from one place to another or from one formation to another.
B. Ceremonies
C. Element – an individual squad, section, platoon, camp or a larger unit forming a part of a next higher unit
D. Formation – arrangement of an individual or unit in the prescribed manner.
Kinds of Formation:
1. Line formation – formation by which elements are side by side of abreast with each other
2. Column formation – formation by which the elements are placed one behind the other
E. Interval – space between elements in a line or lateral space between elements.
Kinds of Interval
1. normal interval – (whole arm)
2. close interval – (elbow)
3. double interval – (both arms)
F. Distance – space between elements in a column.
G. Rank – a single line of individual or vehicle placed side by side facing one direction
H. File – a single column of an individual
I. Alignment – arrangement of individual or group in a straight line formation
J. Cover – aligning yourself directly behind the man to your immediate small vehicle maintaining correct distance
K. Flank
L. Front
M. Depth
N. Base
O. Center
P. Guide – an individual ahead or at the right of the formation designed to center direction and rate of marching
Q. Cadence – correct step on marching
R. Step – normal steps in marching
S. Pace
T. Piece – firearm used by an individual
- designed towards developing proper attitudes, willingness to render service, self-reliance and correct moral values.
11 General Orders:
1. To take of this post and all government property in view.
2. To walk my post in a military manner keeping always on the alert and observing everything that takes place within sight or hearing.
3. To report all violations of orders I am instructed to enforce.
4. To repeat all calls from posts more distant from the guardhouse than my own.
5. To quit my post only when properly relieved.
6. To receive, obey and pass on to the sentry who relieves me, all orders from the commanding officer, officer of the day, and officers and non-commissioned officers of the guard only.
7. To talk to no one except in the line of duty.
8. To give the alarm incase of fire or disorder.
9. To call the corporal of the guard in any case not covered by instructions.
10. To salute all officers and all colors and standards not cased.
11. To be especially watchful at night and during the time for challenging, to challenge all persons on or near my post, and to allow no one to pass without proper authority.

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All About Race

...t Ra All About Race – Checkpoint: Tracee Sigler According to the textbook there is not clear and scientific way to classify races because the genetic pool has been diluted from years past. IQ is the short name for the Intelligence Quotient. This is the ratio of a person’s mental age calculated by a test that is geared toward his or her age and multiplied by 100. From what the textbook states the issues of culture between Blacks and Whites in reference to IQ testing is biased and remains an unresolved concern. This test has been biased in stating that on average Whites has a higher IQ than Blacks. This is eliminated when looking and applying a curve within social and economical factors or rather characteristics. Race is a social construction that presumes benefits for the people who are oppressing minority groups or rather the privileged and those who are not privileged. It only supports the dominant race or races. Again, according to the textbook, racism is a doctrine that one race is more superior to the other. I am and have been a constant victim of racism. I moved to Oregon several years ago and had to fight for my own personal freedoms. I was constantly stopped by police and everywhere I looked there were police officers following me and my family. I organized a chapter of the NAACP in the community where I lived. The locals were highly offended by this. They were of the dominate race, White. After organizing this group and getting laws passed......

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Pfizer-All About the Company

...biotherapeutics company specializing in preclinical oncology and metabolic research Table of Contents 1. Mission 2. Strategy 3. Operation 4. Marketing 5. Human Resources 6. Financials 7. Team Self Analysis 8. Group Member Evaluation Mission Pfizer is very much concern with good health for all and finding sustainable solutions to the health care challenges of our changing world cannot be overemphasized. That’s why Pfizer are committed to be a global leader in health care and to helping change millions of lives for the better through providing access to safe, effective, and affordable medicines and related health care services to the people who need them. We have a leading portfolio of medicines that prevent, treat, and cure diseases across a broad range of therapeutic areas, and an industry-leading pipeline of new products in areas such as oncology, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. In our efforts to ensure that we deliver the value our patients and customers need and our shareholders deserve, we are focused on continually improving the way we do business by listening to the views of all of the people involved in health care decisions. We can best ensure that people everywhere have access to innovative medicines and quality health care through working in partnership with everyone from patients to health care providers, managed care organizations to world governments and non-governmental organizations. We......

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