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Allan Mulally 21st Century Leadership

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Allan Mullaly – Ceo FORD 2006-2014

The solution leader’s role is to lead and manage in a complex dynamic world. He is tasked with aligning and or transforming organizational behaviour and performance to accede to the needs of its citizens, customers, shareholders and employees.

He must simultaneously grow and maintain, align and adjust their organizations.

That is he must achieve sustainable performance and growth through enterprise alignment adaptation and transformation.


– Mulally has worked for two companies in his professional career.

– First was Boeing, which hired him as an engineer in 1969. After nearly 30 years Mulally was made president of the company's Commercial Airplanes division and 3yrs later CEO of that division.

– At Boeing, Mulally ran the team that created the company's first all-glass cockpit, with no traditional dials, and implemented a host of other technological advancements.

– He was no stranger to pushing the tech envelope

– Became president and CEO of Ford, in Sept 2006. 68 years old

– 2006 Ford was on the brink of bankruptcy. Posting its the biggest annual loss in its 103-year history—$12.7 billion

– When he entered company Ford exhibited the following based on the diagnostic Performance and Behaviour Model

o Unattended Environment ( disconnected with industry trends, projections, lacked customer insight

o Unclear Direction ( bec. Out of touch with dynamic car industry environment

o Fragmented Operational Activities

o Dysfunctional Behaviour ( Dysfunctional Work Culture)

– His challenge was to find FORD’s competitive advantage (ability to outperform competitors or other organizations that provide similar goods and services) in the continuously changing global information environment....

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