Allen Lane

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Describes Allen Lane's search for a business to buy. The case explores several failed attempts and the ethical, business, and tax issues that surround the acquisition business. Endswith a description of a new acquisition candidate, an independent valuation report of this business, and with Allen Lane preparing his bid.

Summary of Important Facts

After his graduation from a business school in 1965, Allen Lane had a variety of experiences and knowledge regarding business aspects. Allen Lane, spent several years of being a Vice President of Operations with Wagner Electric Co. in Springfield,Massachusetts butdecided to leave the company in 1972 and become an independent consultant. His job focusesbasically on operations-oriented tasks, inventory control systems, manufacturing methods,material control and other aspects. Although, his career in the company can be considered assuccessful, he still decided to leave the company to be able to work with James & Co. basedin New York. One of his reasons in leaving the company is that he becomes tired and boredabout the constant problems he is solving and that he wanted something more to experience. Allen Lane had joined James & Co. in 1985 and worked with a roster of customers andclients and different industries. James had offered him the chance of being involved with moregeneral management responsibilities and issues and strategic problems. However, after fiveyears of working and gaining experience from the company Allen Lane had resigned for a reasonthat he is became frustrated with the burdensome and generally bureaucratic style of thecompany in dealing with the large company/client of James. Allen decided to tell his intentions tothe company and being a generous company, James & Co. had given him a chance to still usethe resources of the firm while looking for other prospects. One of his prospect opportunities is tobe…...