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Alm of Ncc Bank

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Banks are financial institution which directly of indirectly influences every modern man’s life. In its simplest form, a bank is an institution where its clients keep their surplus deposits, and these deposits are invested in trade, commerce and industries on term basis, i.e. short, medium and long term. A bank connects customers with capital deficit to customers with capital surplus.

A bank’s deposits are its liabilities, and its loans and investments are its assets. It generates revenues in a variety of different ways including interest, transaction fees and fees for financial advices. The main method is via charging interest on the funds it lends out to customers. The bank profits from the differential between the level of interest it pays for deposits and other sources of funds, and the level of interest it charges on its lending activities.

Fluctuation in market interest rate may adversely affect the profitability of a bank. This fluctuation exposes the bank to interest rate risk. Also, a bank must pay its depositors’ money on demand. If it does not maintain sufficient liquidity it may face liquidity crisis. Again, the price a bank can demand on its loans is often dependent on its cost of fund. Moreover, every scheduled bank in Bangladesh has to maintain 5% of its average total demand and time liabilities in cash with Bangladesh Bank. Also, every scheduled bank has to maintain 18% (including CRR) of its average total demand and time liabilities in cash, gold or as unencumbered approved securities daily with Bangladesh Bank. Again, at present every scheduled bank has to maintain a minimum capital requirement of 9% of Risk Weighted Assets. From July 01, 2011 this requirement will be 10%.

To hedge itself against interest rate and liquidity risk, to price its loans, and to meet regulatory requirements a bank must manage its assets…...

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