Alone on a Stormy Night

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Alone on a Rainy Night
In was October 13th all over again, my parents' wedding anniversary. Every year they would go out, on what they like to call a mini honeymoon, a nights stay at mother's hotel of choice. Usually I would stay with Aunt Rose, but I begged them to let me stay home alone. In my opinion, I was a big girl and our neighborhood was very quiet.
It turned out to be a rainy night, I was alone in my room reading my favorite Nancy Drew book on my new iPad. Suddenly, I heard very loud thud at the front door. I didn't expect anyone at that late hour, so I assumed it was some stray animal on our porch. But once again that mysterious thud, that was no animal. I decided to check it out, I went in to the door peeped out no one was there, maybe I was just sleepy. I checked all the doors to make sure they were all locked and started back to my room. Suddenly, there was a flash of lightning as bright as daylight startled me. At that same moment I saw a tall figure at the window, I immediately started creeping towards the kitchen to get to the home phone. The lights then started flickering, and before I knew it the electricity was off. I stood their completely stunned as I thought of what to do next. Another loud thud. I peeked out of the kitchen looking at the window, to my relief the mysterious figure was no where in sight. Cautiously, I emerged from the kitchen and headed blindly to the store room to look for a flash light.
After a couple minutes searching for a flashlight, I finally found one. At that same moment I heard movement in the living room. I then froze completely as I tried to listen to see if it was just my imagination. However, I was soon convinced, with a loud ‘crash’ downstairs, something fell and broke. My intruder was now inside! I stood there in fear knowing that there was an intruder in my house and I was all alone.
I finally mustered up…...