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1. How do I apply for the program?
Candidates are required to apply online through the website
The online application format is available in the Careers page of the website.
The link to the application form is as follows:
Federal Bank Home Page/Careers/Federal Manipal School of Banking/Apply Now!

2. How do I remit the application fee?
The applicants can pay the fees using any of the following facilities
Payment Gateway using Debit/Credit Card( will be activated in website by 09.10.12)
Internet Banking.
NEFT (remittance through any Commercial Bank of your choice)
Fee Payment Challan provided for remittance at Federal Bank Branches.


What is the selection procedure?

Candidates shall be selected by Federal Bank through a selection process consisting of an open online exam followed by Personal interview and /or Group Discussion.
Online Aptitude test:
The online aptitude test will be for duration of 2 hours and shall comprise of the following tests, with a sufficiently high degree of difficulty:
Logical aptitude / reasoning
Quantitative / numerical aptitude
English language
General Awareness and Marketing Aptitude
Computer Awareness

4. How will a candidate be intimated of the online test and interview?
The Candidates should note that the entire selection procedure will be Online and that all the instructions/ intimations will be provided on the Bank’s website. The candidates are requested to check the website for the same from time to time for important dates and notifications.

5. What kind of documents am I supposed carry with me for the online examination?
The candidates are requested to bring the following documents at the time of attending the online examination.
Call Letter for the online examination with latest passport size photo
Printout of the online application form
Photo ID proof
Examination fee payment challan or payment receipt in other cases.

6. In what locations will the process be conducted?
The online test is conducted at around 33 locations across the country. The list is available in the drop down list provided in the online application form.

The candidate will be required to

choose 2 centres in their order of preference. It will be Bank’s endeavour to provide a test venue in one of the centres opted by the candidate in the order of his/her preference. Bank reserves the right to allot the candidate to any of the centres other than the one he/she has opted for, depending upon the administrative feasibility.
The dates and venues for the subsequent processes of interview/GDs will also be published in
Bank’s website. Bank will take all efforts to intimate all qualified candidates through SMS/E mail.

7. When is the selection process being held?
The On line Aptitude Test is likely to be held on various dates during the last week of October
2012. This will be followed by Group Discussion and /or Interview for candidates who are found successful in the aptitude test. The process is likely to be completed by November 2012 .

8. When does the course start?
The first batch will start in the 1st week of December 2012.

9. Where will the course be held?
The course will be conducted in the campus of Federal Manipal School of Banking at Bangalore.

10. How can I get an educational loan for this course if I am selected? What are the procedures to avail the Loan?
Educational Loan at concessional rate of interest will be offered to the desirous candidate, if selected. Such candidates shall have to complete the loan formalities includin g signing of loan documents etc. Parent/Guardian of the candidate shall join as co-obligant.

Details of the

formalities to be carried out for availing loan will be intimated along with the offer of admission.

11. What would be my Salary once I join the Bank after Completing the program
Your gross annual salary, based on IBA package and other perks (calculated on CTC basis , if posted at Mumbai) on joining the Bank will be Rs 5.90 Lakhs per annum. In addition to that officers are also eligible for annual increment in Basic pay, Leave Fare concession, reimbursement of cost of Brief case/ Office bag, Vehicle maintenance expenses, Closing allowance,
Scholarship to children, Club Allowance, Re-imbursement of cost of printing visiting cards,
Transfer compensation, Medical re-imbursement for self and dependents, Group Savings Linked
Insurance etc, subject to applicable rules.

12. What happens after I am selected?
The selected candidates will be issued an admission offer letter from Federal Bank, f or pursuing the PGBDF course at Federal Manipal School of Banking. The participants after successful completion of the course will be awarded the PGDBF certificate from Manipal University at a convocation ceremony where they shall also be handed over the offer of appointment from the
Bank. They shall undergo a one year probation period and can be posted anywhere in India as per the Bank’s discretion. They shall be confirmed in the services of the Bank as Assistant
Manager on completion of their probation period to the satisfaction of the Bank.

13. Where will I be posted after completion of the course?
Upon induction in the Bank as probationary officers on successful completion of their 1 year Post
Graduate Diploma course in Banking and Finance, candidates shall be deployed in Branches/ offices anywhere in India or Abroad considering the skills/expertise and competency of the participant and the administrative requirements of the bank.

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