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Summary Adult Learning Theories are organized on the comprehension of adults. Certain obstacles grown-ups may endure could hinder their learning process. Preceptors use adult learning theories to format the learning process of their students. Every student has different circumstances and life experiences that can affect their ability to learn. Adult learning theories are intended to give scholars a perception on how adults learn. The article “Adult Learning Theory: Applications to Non-Traditional College Students” focuses on how to teach and comprehend the adult learner, showing them ways that they can contribute to the learning environment, to enhance their knowledge adults are perpetually learning recent data. Knowles describes four principles in Andragogy that portrays the grown-up learner.
1. They resist having information bestowed upon them; they are self-directed and take responsibility for their actions.
2. They have an abundant amount of experience that serves as a vital part of the foundation in their individualism.
3. They’re eager to learn and will usually engage actively in the learning environment.
4. They are motivated to perform task. “Adult students returning to college attend for a specific goal and the primary component of their motivational drive tends to be internal.” (Knowles, 1984) Adults have a desire for learning and it’s crucial that instructors clasp the different approaches of learning. When approaching new learning material do so strategically.

The presented data should be professional, so that the learner will not be confused and the material will be profitable. “Adult Learning Theory for the Twenty-First Century” discusses the goals of scholars to better prepare them for every aspect of the learning process. The learning process is ever changing, students at a beginners level need to reflect on history and...

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