Alter Ego

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My ego was a need that I have for security/fluidity (desire to be many different things), my alter ego would be something that is artificial and fixed, a clear idea that I want to be but am not.

This alter ego can be imagined through a person in front of their boudoir spraying perfume. The sensuality behind this scene, the brief moments of entrancement as the perfume is released.
Despite their stressors and insecurities, one feels sexy in that moment.

“Making faces in the mirror”

Geometric shapes=fixed

3 notes = rules
There are different elements, but the thing is these differences are set.

Build on to the ego a feeling= simplicity

Well made blue suit wow

(Merriam Webster definition of alter ego)
: a second self: as
a : a trusted friend
b : the opposite side of a personality
c : counterpart 3

* -------------------------------------------------
Top Notes: The top notes of a perfume form your first impression of a fragrance. They are immediate and what you notice before anything else. Chemically speaking, top notes are small, light molecules of fragrance that evaporate quickly so they will be the first to fade. Top notes normally fade within 10-15 minutes of applying fragrance to your skin.
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Middle Notes: The middle notes of a perfume emerge right before the top notes fade away into oblivion. These are the “heart” of the fragrance and are sometimes called heart notes. The middle notes are often used to mask the base notes, which are unpleasant when first applied but become increasingly better with the passage of time. Middle notes typically fade within 30-45 minutes of applying the scent to your skin.
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Base Notes: The base notes are the foundation of a perfume and help keep the top notes and middle notes from evaporating…...