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Alternate Business Model

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Business Model Alternatives & Evaluation:
There are very few concepts and ideas that are widely discussed and studied using modern technologies as the business models in today’s business world. Success of business is related to the effectiveness and efficiency of its business model. Business models basically deals with two primary elements a) What business does, b) how the business makes money doing these things. While suggesting and evaluating the different models for Adam tablet we will be focusing on how Notion Ink can create, deliver and capture values.
Business Model of Notion Ink:
Notion Ink launched Adam tablet in 2010 through an online video release, as a competitor for Apple Ipad. Adam tablet was very much appreciated by tech savvy customers and got publicized through various online blogs. Presently Notion Ink is following an e-commerce business model where consumers can buy the tablet online. They are following a simple pre-order strategy for selling the Adam tablet.

Preorder Business Model of Notion Ink

Notion Ink executes the preorder strategy in three phases: 1) Preordering time Slot: Notion Ink announces opening of the preordering slot through their blogs and consumers can place orders through the website. Notion ink has only option of advance payment while ordering online. This period is determined by the predefined target sells which Notion Ink defines. 2) Manufacturing of the tablets: Once the specified orders are received the online ordering stops and tablets are produced. 3) Shipment of tablet: The manufactured tablets are then shipped through courier services to customers and then again new preordering slot gets opened on website. This is the cyclic business model of Notion Ink.
Evaluation of Preorder strategy model:
We have evaluated current business model on following parameters:
Cost Effectiveness: As we can see that…...

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