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Alternative Cancer Therapies


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Alternative Cancer Therapies

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Alternative Cancer Therapies
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Perhaps we should call these "unproven therapies" since many of them are on the American Cancer Society's infamous black list. Simply because something is "unproven" does not mean that it has been "disproven." And if a therapy fits the following— 1. It works.

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2. It's inexpensive. 3. Few, if any, negative side effects. 4. It's not patentable. —odds are it will stay on the black list because no one is going to spend a dime to prove its effectiveness. Medicine is a business. Cancer is a business. The FDA is running a protection racket, protecting drug companies and the AMA from anyone with an inexpensive and effective treatment for money making diseases. The following therapies are not guaranteed to work, at least by us. They are presented to you for information purposes only. For many, their effectiveness has been shown in limited clinical trials, but each one, by itself, is not enough. Everything works, when you do everything. Using an alternative therapy is not holistic, it is simply one rung in the ladder you must climb to reach your goal of perfect health. Some of these therapies can be used as preventative measures, but, even a preventative measure can help to fight an existing cancer, when used with a life style change and other therapies. Work your program! Top

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