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June 2, 2015

Sir Starr Clyde Sebial introduced himself to us students in section pearl. Sir Sebial introduces himself in a way of I Am, I Have, I Can, and later on we also introduced ourselves to Sir Sebial. Sir Sebial also talked about the newly grading system in which it is composed of Written Works – 40%, Performance Task-40%, and Quarterly Assesment-20% Overall 100%. Sir Sebial also talked about those our classmate who fell down to the Basic Education Curriculum.


June 3, 2014

Sir Sebial discussed about our first lesson the Functions and Relations. Sir Sebial says that there are four ways in identifying if it is a function or a relation. The first one is mapping, Sir Sebial says that if it is a one-to-one correspondence it is a function and if it is a many to one correspondence it is a relation. The second one is the ordered pair, Sir Sebial says when the abscissa of an ordered pair is repeated it is a relation and if the abscissa of an ordered pair is not repeated it is a function. The third one is the graph, Sir Sebial says that we need to use the vertical line test in order to get the function and relation of a graph, when a graph has 1 point of intersection it is a function but when the graph have 2 or more point of intersection it is a relation. The fourth one is the Equation, Sir Sebial says that when the y or f(x) of an equation is odd then it is a function and when the y or f(X) of an equation is even it is a relation. And also sir Sebial talked about Quadratic, Polynomial, and Linear Functions.

June 4, 2015

Sir Sebial didn’t go to our classroom. No MATH class happened

June 5, 2015

Sir Sebial discussed more about Function and Relations. Sir Sebial says that a relation is a set of ordered pair that the domain is the set of all x values in the relation and the range is the set of all y values in a relation. Sir Sebial says that a function from the domain to the range is a rule correspondence that assigns to each element x in the domain and exactly one element y in the range, in other words this is a function if it meets the condition that all x’s are assigned and no x has more than one assigned y. Sir Sebial also discussed about Function Notation. Sir Sebial says that we commonly used functions by letters because function starts with f, it is a commonly used letter to refer to functions. Example f(X) = 2x2 – 3x + 6, this means that the right hand side is a function called f and the right hand side means that there is variable x in it but the left hand side does not mean f times x like brackets usually do, it simply tells us what is in the right hand side. In other words the left hand side of this equation is the function notation and it tells us two things we called the function f and the variable of the function x. Example f(x) = 2X2 – 3x + 6, this means to find the function f and instead of having x in it put a 2 in it, so that the taking the function above and make brackets everywhere the x and change it to 2. Therefore we have f(2) = 2(4) – 3(2) + 6 = 8 – 6 + 6 = 8. Sir Sebial says that for the function there are two illegals the first one is we can’t divide by zero (denominator of a fraction can’t be zero and the second one is we can’t take the square root (or even root of) a negative number. Sir Sebial says when you are asked to find the domain of a function; you can use any value for x as long as the value won't create an "illegal" situation.

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