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Alto Chemicals Case

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EMBA Class 2012-2013

MGMT 907 - Managing Human Resources
Course Notes II

Mithat KOC 020120255

Integrating the Organization 1. Culture and the Informal/Voluntary Network 2. Formal Teams 3. Integrators 4. Matrix Design 5. Cells and Networks

2d -Assess Internal Fit : Systems Which systems optimize the employee performance -To keep the employee in the loop... Recruitment Performance appraisal Rewards Additional sys (inform. Mang.) 2d -Assess Internal Fit : Culture Culture : values Climate : Practice Key Themes Dominant culture vs sub cultures Espoused versus real cultures Case Nestle , espresso is a completely different organization .

Stabilizer market situation Shrinking , Drop off in consumption 600.000 tons x 1.000$ prices vary to month 30% over capacity competition KEY STRATEGIC ELEMENT Profitability $40 to $80 (4% to 8%) Price Leadership (set by HQs) Non-price sensitive acc. - wire/cable (2% contribution to cost = 4% of 2% for these customer) - small / medium Raise volume Tin (we have it) Give customer expertise Sales Management Reponse - Ideas (Dramatic change in behaviour) More work , new customer aquisition , convert to tin Accept loss of price authority Service oriented selling Incentives (not based on volume any more) What should Graaf do to pursuade the Sales Management ? Change reward system Explain the why ( face to face meeting) costs of old strategy / behaviours versus benefits of the new strategy Numbers (data) Questions Keep track /HQ Sales information exch. time for executing Urgent Analysis

1 2 3

4 5 6




apply pilot project



Employee Performance =

Motivation "having to do it"

Skills "Can they do it" Ability


Reward Leadership(meaning)



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