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luminium case Some points to consider but more research needed ! Q1- Discuss and describe why the primary aluminum industry is competitive. How has the industry changed since 1994? It might be helpful to look at the statistics available at the International Aluminum Institute and

-competitive because it is traded as a metal commodity in the London Metal Exhange. –i.e there is a bid and a ask price …trade made at the most competitive price. -Huge no of suppliers -More competitive as power costs fall in countries like China -change since 1994-After reaching all-time highs in excess of $2,500 per ton in 1988 and 1989, aluminum prices fall dramatically in the early 1990s as the former Soviet Union begins exporting far larger quantities of metal. By the beginning of 1994, the price has hit all-time lows.Al demand goes hand in hand with GDP growth-need for housing,construction,transportation. (Give eg of countries) -In 2000-2004 stable prices, but 2004-2008 prices doubles ( inspite of global recession) post 2008 prices falling. -untill the early 2000’s U.S major prod of Al. -After which Canada,Russia and presently China ( emerging markets ,cheap power)

Market_Structure_and_Price_Developments.pdf ( Breif History + consumption etc)-cannot use this link as a reference -Past Trend ( * North America leading producer ( 500 peak until 1997-98 after which fall in the 2000’s,presently at 350-400 range) * Central Europe , 200 range until 2000’s after which increased prod to the 300+ range –(check for exemptions given by govt ) * Prod capacity of North amercia always highest , (6500 + tonns presently 4500 range ,next best middle east ) * Power usage breakup in 2000( useful for getting trend) - 2007- - Future -80 %(apprx) of energy comes from electricity i.e relocating in countries with cheaper power-oil rich-middle east. -sustainable development -post recession demand for Al is expected to grow even more . -

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