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Christian Salas
304 Ridge St ♦ Newark, NJ 07104 Home phone: (862)-576-7124 Cellphone: (973)-303-6390
Email address:

Personal Statement / Professional Profile
Areas of Interest
Sales Associate/ Security/ Warehousing& Inventory


Montclair state university montclair, NJ
Physical Education Major with Teaching Certification in Health and Phys Ed September 2011-Present

Essex County Vocational Technical School Newark, NJ
ECVT North 13 St Graduated June 2011

Skills & Attributes

General / Office/ * Good communications skills * Strong customer service skills
* Fluent in English, Spanish (written and verbal & Portuguese (verbal)
Technical/ Computer/ Other * Proficient in Microsoft Applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) * Adobe * Internet Savvy * Familiar with Social Network resources for job search.

Santa Barbara newark, NJ, Delivery Driver June 2010-2012 * -------------------------------------------------
Responsible to deliver foods to different households.
Food Runner * -------------------------------------------------
Responsible to deliver foods to the customers.

The Conference Center montclair, NJ * Responsible for chairs, tables, stages to be well organized. June 2011-Present * Responsible for corporate events, conference or seminar. * IT (Information Technology) * Student Worker/Assistant

OTG Management (Newark international airport EWR) Newark, NJ August 2015-October 2015
Bus Boy: * Responsible to clean and clear tables * Bring customers water and, if necessary, need any assistance on how to order (from iPad)

Bar Back: * Responsible for helping bartenders with cleaning utensils, cups, etc. * Responsible for putting away the dishes from where the customers eat and cleaning the areas.
Memberships/ volunteer & awards

* Soccer Team – Captain Fall 2007- Fall 2010 * Honor Roll (G.P.A. 3.5) Fall 2007- Spring 2011 * Dean List 3.8 (Montclair State University) Fall 2014


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