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Case no. 2 – ALVAREZ

Problem of the case:

The main concern of the case is how the management will deal with the difficult personality of Alvarez. He has become too confident because of his long years in service. He is known in Canalven as a “Career Man” and energetic and proud of his job. His pride is shown in the yellow inscription bearing his name in the machines he designed. However, he is disliked by many workers because of being full time grumbler. He shows insubordination with his superior, Stone, by ignoring his instructions as in the case of the furnace incident. Moreover, Alvarez is influencing other workers to follow his orders instead of Stone. Stone believed that other workers don’t trust him because Alvarez is demoralizing them and brought the issue to the higher management.

This case will be analysed and dealt with the point of view of the Assistant Plant Manager, Pinto, as he will be responsible in the course of action to take on the Alvarez case.


Stone and Alvarez are having problems from the beginning. Alvarez would not accept Stone’s authority because he believed that Stone do not know anything about machines and are changing “things” that had worked for years. Stone do not like the yellow inscriptions that Alvarez is printing on the equipment as he believed that these are company’s assets. He is also having problem with Alvarez’ insubordination and the other workers lack of trust in him.

Listed below are the observed behaviour/ personality and attributes of Stone and Alvarez to better understand each central characters of the case.

Stone | Alvarez | Positive: young | Positive: energetic, talented, clever, | Negative: lack of supervisory experience, lack of trust to his staff | Negative: proud, grumbler, insubordinate, over confident |

We can assume that Alvarez is a good worker in terms of his

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