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Amanda Want Help

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Amanda Wants Help
Axia College of University of Phoenix

Amanda Wants Help At 30, Amanda has been abusing different types of substances for about 15 years. Today, she has nicotine, alcohol, and pain medication addictions; and her habits are taking a toll on her health and lifestyle, as currently, she can neither hold a job nor pay her bills. Clearly, Amanda needs help; however, for any support system to have an effect, the addict must express a desire for changing his or her circumstances. In this case, Amanda wants help, so as part of her support system, finding the appropriate recovery program for her will be crucial. Besides the pain medication, drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes are extremely risky combination. Though it may seem impractical to quit smoking and to stop drinking at the same; Axia College (2010) states that, studies reveal that undergoing treatment for nicotine and alcohol addiction at the same time helps alcoholics to kick the smoking habit. This means that it is possible Amanda can receive treatment to address each aspect of her addiction simultaneously. Few factors that will make the recovery process more difficult for Amanda may have to do with her history with depression that may cause her to turn to alcohol and cigarettes to cope, and her current dependence on painkillers for her back injury. Not finding alternate ways to address these problems could cause her major set-backs. Substance abuse affects men and women differently, and women seem to be more susceptible to the effects of alcohol and nicotine. Axia College (2010) held that, women are more vulnerable to the effects of cigarettes and alcohol; every cigarette a female smokes is roughly equivalent to two cigarettes smoked by a male. For example, even with the same level of exposure to cigarettes, women have higher rates of addiction than men...

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