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Management in the Telestar International case gave an artificially low contract bid to get an initial government contract in the hope that they would get further government contracts in the future.

How should Telestar's management explain the plant explosion to the Department of Energy?
Should Telestar be able to retain any progress payments that they received from the government to date? Why or why not?

Post your responses to these questions to the discussion forum and then comment on at least two of your classmates' posts.

Telestar International On November 15, 1998, the Department of Energy Resources awarded Telestar a $475,000 contract for the developing and testing of two waste treatment plants. Telestar had spent the better part of the last two years developing waste treatment technology under its own R&D activities. This new contract would give Telestar the opportunity to “break into a new field”, that of waste treatment. The contract was negotiated at a firm-fixed price. Any cost overruns would have to be incurred by Telstar. The original bid was priced out at $847,000. Telestar’s management, however, wanted to win this one. The decision was made that Telstar would “buy in” at $475,000 so that they could at least get their foot into the new marketplace. The original estimate of $847,000 was very “rough” because Telestar did not have any good man-hour standards, in the area of waste treatment, on which to base their manhour projections. Corporate management was willing to spend up to $400,000 of their funds in order to compensate the bid of $475,000. By February 15, 1999, costs were increasing to such a point where overrun would be occurring well ahead of schedule. Anticipated cots to completion were now $943,000. The project manager decided to stop all activities in certain functional departments, one of which was structural analysis. The manager...

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