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December 15, 2014

AmazonFresh 2
Amazon has taken many steps to bring their customers what they want in a quicker and less expensive way than most online retailers. With Amazon Prime, members pay one yearly price and get the benefits like free two-day shipping, a wealth of television shows, movies and books via Amazon Prime Instant Video and the industrious Kindle Lending Library (Widder,
2014). Amazon also saves their customers money by only charging a minimum of about $0.01 per item in storage charges at their fulfillment centers (, 2014). Amazon measures all inventory to the 100th of an inch and charges to the 10th of an inch per item (,
2014). AmazonFresh initially offered home grocery delivery to residents of the Seattle suburb of Mercer Island in an invitation-only beta test in August of 2007 (Harris & Cook, 2007). It has since expanded to a number of Seattle –area zip codes. Amazon is seeking to be the world’s leading retailer in customer service by giving customers what they want and more while providing speedy deliveries in order to surpass their competitor’s delivery times. With Amazon Prime, customers pay a fee of $99 per year and are able to access the
Kindle Lending Library by downloading one book per month with no due date and the ability to deliver that book to other Kindle devices registered alongside one’s account (Widder, 2014).
There are a vast amount of titles to choose from. Amazon Prime also has an Instant Video that is bundled with the yearly subscription. Amazon Prime Instant Video offers a free smorgasbord of streaming media content available for major set-top streaming boxes, gaming consoles, tablets, and smartphones in a similar manner to the…...

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