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Amazon Strategic Positioning

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Amazon’s Strategic Positioning.



This assignment is to establish Amazon’s strategic positioning in Europe in correlation with value innovations that may have contributed to Amazon’s success from 1995 to 2012.

About Amazon

Amazon is an eCommerce business based in the U.S and was started back in 1995 selling books, CD’s and other media. However Amazon’s profits were only noted in 2002 and to this day have annual sales equal to or more than $40billion with a customer base of nearly 144 million in purchase accounts and over 2 million market seller accounts.

In 1998 Amazon also extended their market to the UK with an agreed takeover of and has since managed to establish their second biggest and most successful market overseas.

Value Innovations.

Since reporting profits in 2002 Amazon has invested in innovations that add value to the customer, keeps interest and encourages ease of purchasing.

Some innovations that have aided in the success of Amazon tend to allow ease of use and convenience, this combined with special delivery discounts such as “super saver delivery” give customers a better or higher sense of value and satisfaction when purchasing products from Amazon.

In 2007 Amazon created an e-book reader that they claim would reduce the need for paper, save the environment and provide the same enthralling experience that a book could deliver in electronic...

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