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Amazon Swot Analysis

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SWOT Analysis
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SWOT Analysis is a world wide online retailing company that is the largest in the U.S. Amazon started out as an online bookstore that later started selling movies, music, audio books, electronics, apparel, furniture, food, and now has its own line of consumer electronics. It is a company that has rapidly grown and will steadily grow each year. A companies SWOT analysis is a tool that defines the companiess strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. SWOT helps a company asses what the organization can and can not do as well as potential opportunities and threats. A SWOT analysis determines what will help a company accomplish its objectives and what obstacles the company needs to overcome to reach the desired results.
Amazon has many strengths such as cost leadership strategy, quality products and services, strategic acquisitions, and efficient distribution. These strengths are what help the company keep returning customers as well as creating new ones. Amazons cost leadership strategy is a strength because this means that Amazon produces their products and services at a lower cost than its competitors. Amazon is a reliable, convenient, and know for its low prices and fastest shipping as well the great reputation for customer service. This is why quality products and services are among the companies strengths. Another strength Amazon has is the companies strategic acquisitions. This means whatever the years the company has been adding new services to stay relevant and be more attractive to a broader ranger of consumers. The last of many important strengths is Amazons efficient distribution. Amazon has a number of warehouses spread all over the country allowing them to ship items faster and at a lower cost
Evaluating your companies weakness is a great way to improve the success off the...

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