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Marketing Strategies in two organisations
Amazon used growth strategies to have a wider range of products for different markets. For example, you can find anything you like on amazon, which is why it is one of the most popular retailing website. Amazon is becoming bigger and bigger in the world, and it’s becoming more popular because when people visit the website, the products that they are looking for will certainly be there. Amazon and E-bay can offer the same products but you can find that some amazon’s products are cheaper and maybe better quality because the product that you have chosen is going to be well treated when is packaged and sent to the customer. Amazon cares about its customer and it wants to make sure that the products they sell won’t come back with any issues. Amazon made its website more approachable by adding apps and be able to download music. They also make its own product which is the kindle which is digital book reader and is the most cheap book reader you can find and the quality of it is excellent and this will make the customer think that Amazon is a great company to spend with.
I think that amazon is doing a great job and I think that they will survive for ever. Maybe it was quite hard when they have started because not a lot people knew and there weren’t any adverts to say that they were there. But now you can find amazon in different countries and why not one day it will become a global company making a lot of profit by selling products at an affordable price. When they first started in 1995 they were known just as bookstore in Seattle US. But in 1998 Amazon bought which was a book retailing website and since then it was known as Amazon UK. They also started to buy other companies and that is why today amazon sells a wide range of products. The last acquisition of amazon was which was a company...

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