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Amazon's E-Business Model

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Barnes & Noble Vs. Amazon
To attain a competitive advantage over, Barnes & Noble needs to develop a proper strategy and implement a successful marketing plan.
Barnes & Noble first must consider the issues and problems facing their company, and then perform an opportunity analysis to determine their strengths and weaknesses in relation to their customers, competitors, and company capabilities. In regards to the main concerns of Barnes & Noble, the company needs to worry about the uncertainties associated with the expected rapid growth of the Internet, the changing profile of Internet users, increased competition and indeterminate future developments in electronic retailing from publishers, wholesalers, and retailers, and intense price competition. By 2000, more than 80 million users will be on the World Wide Web, with an increase in females and a broader spectrum of education levels and age, changing the market demographics. Additionally, some book publishers, namely Simon & Schuster and Bertelsmann, have expanded online, while the national leading wholesaler, Ingram, is developing a website where wholesalers could ship directly to consumers. In the meantime, small publishers and universities have started to publish directly on the Web, avoiding print versions completely and thereby challenging the posterity of conventional books. Within the Barnes & Noble Corporation, their smaller traditional bookstores such as B. Dalton and Scribner's already face cannibalization from the growth of superstores and online purchasing. Finally, some claim that the burgeoning nature of the Internet will lead to increased bargaining power and decreased brand loyalty, even though B&N's main competitor,, has an advantage in that more than 50% of its customers are repeat customers. Barnes & Noble...

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