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Amazon's Ebusiness

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Over the years, it has become imperative for an entrepreneur to continually seek ways to stay competitive in any market. In the twenty first century, a very important way to achieve this is by use of e-business; doing business via the internet. This report taps into the influencing factors of the e-business model and business plan that helped maintain’s competitive edge and propelled it to becoming the largest online bookseller and retailer. Keywords:, business plan, E-Business Model’s E-Business Model In determining whether or not has lost its identity, my approach will involve reviewing and comparing Amazon’s web site purpose with other competition websites, using Appendix Table 1. I will also be comparing site’s objectives with the general business plan outlined in the 2009 Annual Report which states:-
“ opened its virtual doors on the World Wide Web in July 1995 and offers Earth’s Biggest Selection. We seek to be Earth’s most customer-centric company for three primary customer sets: consumers, sellers, and developers. In addition, we generate revenue through co-branded credit card agreements and other marketing and promotional services, such as online advertising” (p. 3).
Functionality and Design
From its inception, had a business model and intention to sell a vast array of goods and services. While its initial products were books,’s model had poised itself to quickly adjust and jump into other new, booming, and demanding markets. Table 1 shows the web site clearly follows this business model such that the list of goods and services offered are immediately seen at the top left side of the...

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