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Amazon.Com Business Combinations

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A dream from a small business owner to one of the largest online businesses we have operating today can be echoed for Through the tumultuous times from surviving through the dot com bubble to poor investment choices has weathered it all and seems to be preparing themselves for the long haul. Jeff Bezos has shown great a great amount of emphasis towards customer service “proactively delighting customers earns trust, which earns more business from those customers, even in new business arenas” (2010, April 12) and reinvesting in may finally start to payoff dividends. Many key factors had an instrumental role in the global and domestic market that may have influenced profitability of In this paper I will only discuss three of the growth strategies I deemed to be impactful for There were many growth strategies to choose from however the three that I will discuss are the innovation, diversification, and investment/expansion growth strategies of The innovation growth strategy is where attempts to show their ability to create, anticipate, or revolutionize the needs of the customer and marketplace. They have always aimed to be one step of the competition by creating and implementing new ideas. Amazon Fresh, Amazon Prime Air, and Anticipatory Shipping are some of the innovative ideas that have shown good results. Amazon Fresh offers grocery items for sale, as well as a subset of items from the main storefront. Amazon Prime Air is a future delivery system designed to safely get packages into customers' hands in 30 minutes or less using small unmanned aerial vehicles. This is only a few of the innovative ideas that has to offer making me feel that this has been a successful strategy....

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