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I worked as a teacher in a private Pre K School in Shreveport Louisiana for almost a year. Management, at where I worked, had started out as a solo entrepreneurship; then it grew into a corporate business. It was truly managed by the traditional way of management. Neither the employees nor the customers was happy with the way of management.
There were supervisors, for group of classes, who worked for one manager for the whole school. Classes had children from age new born to five years olds. Also, before and after school programs were being held in the same organization. Working with kids is a very serious and challenging job, because it requires special talents. It can be very enjoyable but at the same time very stressful.
Supervisors did not have any authority whatsoever, they were the ones dealing directly with teachers who had direct relations with children and knew the core of the problems and report to their supervisors. Supervisor were told basically to carry information from management to the teachers. Supervisors main task was to make sure the teachers were only doing what manager wants them to do and not otherwise. This system worked like a robot house. But children are not robots they do have different attitudes, needs, and learning abilities etc. Teachers and supervisor were feeling the pain and seeing what needed to be different around but they were not given freedom to do improve the quality in the organization.
There were many different issues during day to day business. In order to solve the problems management needed to change the way of thinking. Implementing the Systems Thinking and changing the role of management would have worked better at this organization.

Linda Hill (2004), talks about new managers’ attitude of focusing on the authority and power they have and measuring success with their reports also adds that...

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