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How had A&F Co’s foundation affected the company today?
A&F made the company’s foundation stronger from the beginning. They always focus the high class good looking customers and used the unique marketing techniques. They sell their product exclusively to their customers whom they want to sell. Due to the strong foundation of the company, A&F become one of the best international brands.
Which marketing technique does A&F use?
A&F always uses in store marketing techniques. They did not use third party advertisement. They always promote their brand through their employees. So, they hire good looking people in their stores because good looking people attract other good looking cool people. Company’s stores also attract high volume of people because they provide high class experience to their customers.
How does it differ from its competitors?
A&F uses the different marketing techniques from their competitors. A&F did not publically market publically their products. Walking into the A&F and its subsidiaries stores was an excellent experience. Company is mainly focus on younger generation and expending their business into direct to consumer operations, which always makes separate their business from competitors.
Would you say it is successful?
Yes, I would like to say that these marketing techniques of A&F are successful because due to the marketing polices, company become successful to make their brand image and reputation in high society as they want.
Why A&F decided to close stores domestically?
A&F decided to close many domestic stores in United States because many of the stores in the different areas of U.S. are not performing as the expectations of A&F. Company wants to get rid from the underperforming stores and concentrate on expanding their brand internationally because the sale of international stores is doing very well.
How has direct-to-consumer…...

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