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Ambulatory Care Research

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Facility Selection and Research
Jami Jeziorski

Facility Selection and Research
In this paper, I will address four things. The first is I will describe what facility I choose and what the purpose is in the health care industry. Second, I will identify the population the uses the facility I chose in my research. Next, I will identify the key characteristics of the facility. Then I will explain to why I chose the facility type and then put it all together in my conclusion.
The facility I chose to research is the Ambulatory Care Clinic. An ambulatory care clinic has a broad range of medical services available for patients. Having such an advanced technology in today’s healthcare, more doctors and other healthcare providers are having ambulatory care for their patients. Some places that offer the ambulatory care are in doctor offices, hospitals, or in an ambulatory surgery center and some procedures include the following: x-rays, blood tests, minor surgeries, endoscopy, biopsies, childbirth, and many more. The purpose of the ambulatory care clinic is to provide in and out, patient procedures safely and to save time and money for patients. It also prevents from infection to spread with since the patients are not staying overnight with infection can set in.
The people that use the ambulatory are patients, staff, families, and the general human population. Both men and women use these services as well and all ages and different diversities. The population in today’s healthcare wants to go to an ambulatory care clinic because of the flexibility hours. The ambulatory care clinics are open more hours to serve multiple patients’ needs properly. They are very cost effective for the patients since they are not staying overnight.
I chose this facility because it does provide all the services another facility does but cost effective. I think it is also important to...

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