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PRAN-RFL group vision is to be recognized as the most successful food and drink company in Bangladesh, generating sustainable, profitable growth and continuously improving results to the benefit of shareholders and employees. The head offices are located at Dhaka with production facilities around the country. Our management is modern adapted to our environment & culture. Our largest asset is our competent team of hands-on-mangers & dedicated employees. The factory produces instant noodles, cereals and repacks milks, soups, beverages and infant nutrition products. Today Nestlé Bangladesh Ltd. is a strongly positioned organization. The company will continue to grow through our policy of constant innovation and renovation, concentrating on our core competencies and our commitment to high quality, with the aim of providing the best quality food to the people of Bangladesh.

The company had launch Pran juice in the market. It is totally different from the traditional juices on their comments. It is a high quality juice which will be harmless. In that product, there will have some special ingredients which will provide nutrition and which will be work as digester. So definitely, that product will be an exclusive product in the market. The target market of that product will be those who think that juices are harmful for health; those who have digesting problems; and the current users of the juices.
Our Juice provides some exceptional tastes which will provide great pleasure. The juice has some special ingridients so it is not harmful for teeth. There is no chemical color in this juice. This is...

PRAN Group was born in 1980. Keeping in view the corporate mission of the Group they have over the years diversified their activities in several areas. PRAN's biggest asset is their competent team of hands-on managers and dedicated employees.

PRAN is Bangladesh's...

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