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Year 12 Henry VIII Revision Guide


How to answer questions on the Tudors

Section A Essays: How far do the sources agree that?

Introduction:    Explain what you can learn from each source Briefly cross reference the sources Provide an argument in response to the question

Main paragraphs:    

State a similarity or difference between the sources – make sure you focus on ‘How Far’ Select relevant information from the sources to support this point Place this in context using your brief own knowledge Use provenance to explain this similarity/difference

Conclusion:  Sum up how far the sources agree based on content and provenance

Section B Essays: Do you agree with the view that?

Introduction:   State your line of argument – how far do you agree with the view? State the main similarities and differences between the sources

Main paragraphs:  State a reason for yes/no. Make sure you phrase this in a way that links to your line of argument and answers the question. Remember that each source will suggest a different reason for yes/no. Support this reason with evidence from the sources and your own knowledge Cross-reference between the sources Weigh up the evidence of the sources. Consider provenance for primary sources and judge secondary sources based on the evidence included and the weight given to certain evidence Link back to your line of argument

  

Conclusion:  Explain how your argument has been proven with reference to the sources and your own knowledge

Unit 2 – Pre-Reformation Church Key Questions: 1. How important was the Church in the everyday lives of the people?
Importance of Catholicism in England Catholicism was the main religion in Western Europe. You were defined by your membership of the Christian Church. Salvation could only be achieved through following the teachings of the church. People followed the 7 Sacraments of which...

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