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Amendment 64 Economic Benefits

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Amendment 64 Economic Benefits
Kyle G Petties
January 18, 2015
Kate McCarty

In the year of 2012, an amendment was passed, that local law enforcement and government officials predicted to cause more harm than help. Amendment 64 legalized marijuana in the states of Colorado and Washington for recreational sale and private usage (Amendment 64 Use And Regulation Of Marijuana, 2013). While many people grew excited about this new law because of their newfound freedom, others feared the adverse effects it could have on the states and their community. However, what was expected to be an inevitable downfall has proven to be beneficial, economically, and for many people of the commonwealth. Crime Rate
When presented with Amendment 64 in Sept of 2012, Colorado's Douglas County sheriff, David Weaver, strongly expressed his point of view by stating, "Expect more crime, more kids using marijuana and pot for sale everywhere (Douglas County Sheriff Office, 2012)." Fortunately, his prediction has proven to be incorrect. According to, the Huffington Post, crime rate has decreased 2 percent within the first year of legalization. These include violent crimes, such as homicide, sexual assault, and robbery (Ferner, 2014). Although, there is not a study to show the decrease occurred because of the passing of Amendment 64, the numbers show that the legalization of marijuana did not cause an increase in Colorado's crime rate.
It is a theory that, allowing the use and distribution of a substance, one can creates a controlled and safe environment. For instance, a teenager wants to become a part of the social scene in high school, but the parents are afraid of worldly influences. After the parents gave the situation deep thought, the parents think of a plan. They decide to allow the teenager to host a party at their home, as long as they can set a limit on people...

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