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America and Baseball

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America and Baseball: If You Want to Know America, Then you better Know Baseball Sean R. Golob Western Governors University

If You Want to Know America, Then you better Know Baseball Baseball hits a home run when it comes to comparing it to the American identity. Both baseball and the American identity have three aspects that are exactly the same; both are very diverse, both are rather competitive, and both are driven by business and money. America is a diverse country, according to US Census Bureau (2013) quickfacts reference page, “Caucasians alone total 77.7%, Hispanic and Latino alone 17.1%, and African American alone 13.2%”. However, America has races from every inhabitable continent; we have a large number of Asians, mass amounts of Europeans, and growing amounts of Latinos and African ethnicities. These aspects all put together combine to make a huge part of the definition of American identity. Along with diversity, another aspect that is used in the definition of American identity is business and corporations. Corporate America is one of the largest and wealthiest forms of business in the world. Wall Street deals with billions of dollars daily, corporations throughout the country grow in size and significance. Lastly, competition is the last big part of the definition because of the international trade, emphasize on sports and athletics, and between other rivalries between other countries. The same is with baseball in America; it incorporates all of these aspects into one sport. Baseball is the best definition of American identity because of the growing diversity in the sport, the multi-billion dollar industries, and the competition between teams and fans; it will stay this way for as long as baseball is alive and supported. The American identity has been examined and discussed in classes, in society, and in...

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