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America the Beautiful

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America the beautiful. Yes you are. You shine like a shining star. The sun pales in comparison to you I'm being sarcastic, of course it's not true But a poem is what a poem is A bunch of words, it's a hit or miss This is more of a miss But that's cool At least it ain't a diss Peace out, peeps. Furthermore there lies a rainbow. In a book it is I know. If I could n't touch the rainbow what the heck do I know. I know the world is round and all. I just don't know why some things fall. Gravity is weird and makes people angry. Why you looking at me Mr. Sangry.. What the heck is the meaning of this when you can all go home and piss? Something like it never fell on a window or nothing at all. But the speakers they make noise so much so that magazines are full. I seem to know what I’m talking about, but some of you don’t so blab lbla ba. Seriously, you know the drill. Look around and act all chill. But you know of course the way to the golden kingdom may. Just follow it ther, Mrs. Hawkings and don’t ever trip over the blokins. See ya over somewhere there. I’m kidding though. Dan the books and cups are loud if you see them in a cloud. Have you spoken m have aI heard? The best is better than the worst. Clearly though. Hans or Grimm? I don’t know. Should you?

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