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America Beyond Nation-State

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In his book: “Who Are We? The Challenges to America’s National Identity”, Samuel P. Huntington showed his strong worries with the American identity. According to this book, Huntington thought because of lack of common enemies and opposites, the cohesion power and common identity of American people diminished in the past twenty years. He also blamed the Latino immigrants, especially the Mexican immigrants for threatening the American political foundation with the impact on American culture and language they brought. Under this circumstance, he called on a more concrete American identity, which not only includes the “American creed”, but also embodies a core culture. Different with many people, he argued United States is fundamentally a “settler” nation rather than an “immigration” nation. And the initial settlers, White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASP), had a dominating effect on the subsequent values and direction of the country. So the Anglo-Protestantism culture, which includes Protestant work ethic and centrality of the religion to personal life, should be re-affirmed as the American core culture, and United States, which he believe ought to be a nation-state, should be built upon this base. And he implied that American government should take measures to limit Latino immigration and take Islam as a national enemy. Huntington’s view has a clear conservative and Republican color. Huntington himself probably views himself as a firm patriot, however what I read is that he is not really confident in American culture and spirit. A successful and vigorous nation never worries about national identity or something. The success itself is louder than any doubt and can maintain solidarity of its people. Those most successful civilizations in human’s history, such as Roman Empire, Tang dynasty, Arabian Empire and British Empire, are all confident and thereby open....

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