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American Art Project Part 1
Baptism of Pocahontas
John Gadsby Chapman Chapman conveys sign of peace between the Indian tribes and the white colonists in this painting. Pocahontas brings peace between the two groups. The feeling that Chapman had captured were feelings were that of acceptance by the colonists because Pocahontas has become one of them by accepting their faith and practices, eventually marrying colonist John Rolfe. The Indian tribe not so much, they want to befriend the colonist just not at the cost of one of their own; not all felt that way as you can tell in the painting. Mr. Chapman received the commission in 1837, and the painting hung or “installed” in 1840. The events in this painting had occurred when America was breaking away from British rule. Then the rift between the English colonist and the Indian tribes that already inhabited the new world. The message of this painting is that no matter the differences that people face they can come together as one and live in harmony. Mr. Chapman is successful in communicating his message through the painting because it makes aware that part of history and what Pocahontas did to bring peace between the two groups. There is a clear connection between the context and content of the piece the two groups coming together to witness the momentous occasion in this young woman’s life. Once bitter enemies, and now friends and family together in unity.
Declaration of Independence
John Trumbull

Mr. Trumbull portrayed this important part of history; it was the first sign that the United States as finally a nation, a place of their own. I believe the feeling that he was trying to evoke is a sense of pride and happiness that we are finally free from under the thumb of a tyrant. The U.S. Congress commissioned the painting in 1817; the painting finally hung in the Capital in 1826. The events that occurred in the U.S. that shaped the composition of the painting is the signing of the most important document in American history, it was formed for the rights for every American citizen. There is a message in the painting shaped by the events; the message is that we fight for our independence and all man should live free from oppression. Mr. Trumbull is successful in conveying the message of freedom. However, he did not accurately depict the painting historically. Trumbull did paint how important the document was and that the document is an important part of history; also that the men who were there to sign and witness the most important document in American history. There is a clear connection between the content and context of this painting is that we are witnessing even on a canvas the most important day in our nation’s history.
Embarkation of the Pilgrims
Robert W. Weir Robert Weir was trying to portray in his painting is the first puritans who were trying to reach the new world to escape persecution because of their religion. The feeling he is trying to evoke is that of peace and happiness. Finally, they can live in a place where they can exercise their rights to practice what they believe. The painting commissioned date is unknown, but the painting completed July of 1843, and it was finally put up in the Capital in December of that year. The events that occurred is that Columbus discovered America but not yet occupied by anyone other than the Indian tribes that had lived in America. This time of the painting was when the puritans were leaving their homelands to find freedom. There is a message in the painting that there is hope beyond the horizon, also the promise of a better tomorrow. Weir did successfully communicate his message with the pilgrims on their knees praying to God for a safe trip to the new world and the rainbow off to the side of a brighter future. There is a clear connection between the content and context of the painting. The pilgrims finally after a grueling trip find the peace and freedom they were looking for, this painting perfectly depicts the voyage to the land of freedom.

General George Washington Resigning His Commission John Trumbull

John Trumbull is trying to portray a great leader and soon to be the nation’s first president, resigning from his place as commander-in- chief from the Army. There seems to be a sense of sadness because Washington was a great military leader who anyone would be proud to serve under Washington. No one wanted to see him go. The U.S. Congress commissioned the painting of General Washington in 1817. The painting was hung in the Capital in 1826. The events that occurred in America were that of the battle and victory of the Revolutionary War. Washington had fought long and hard as the leader of the Army; he was a great leader that’s why it was a pity for his men to see him retire. I believe there is a message in this painting it is a part of the nation’s history,” The action was significant for establishing civilian authority over the military”( is successful in communicating his message in the painting, with the tone of the painting and the king size chair of Washington’s. There is a clear connection between the content and context of the painting. Washington is an important figure in our past, and his resignation was a sad day for everyone at that time, not only was he an important war hero, but all around well-loved hero.

Part 2
Charles Brantley Aycock
North Carolina

Charles Brantley Aycock was a man of honor born November 1, 1859, in Wayne County, North Carolina. He had humble beginnings including the tragic loss of his dad at fifteen, his family know he was going places, so they sent him to college. He graduated for the University of North Carolina after which he went on to pursue his law degree. Aycock had to teach to bring in money with that he became a lawyer and decided to put his hat in the political ring in 1888. That year he became a presidential elector for Grover Cleveland, then 1893 to 97 as U.S. attorney for N.C. from there he became governor in 1900. During this time, he increased salaries for teachers; 3,000 schools built because of Aycock.
Charles Aycock was a good choice in representing my state because he was all about education, shaping the future of the next generation. He cared about the kids, he even had child labor restricted so that the children could get an education. Aycock made sure that generations to come would have the same benefits that he was given to him. Aycock would have been an excellent choice for U.S. Senate if had not been for his untimely death in 1912.
Zebulon Vance
North Carolina

Zebulon Vance was born May 13, 1830, in Buncombe County, North Carolina. At age 14 his father died and was forced to drop out of college but went back about ten years later, he received his court license and settled in Asheville. Afterward, he is elected as county solicitor, Vance served in North Carolina House of Commons in 1854. Vance also in the House of Representatives from 1858 to 1861. Then elected governor of the state 1862, “he worked during the war to ensure the legality in the harsh conscription practices of the Confederacy’’. Vance had been arrested and then elected in 1870 to Senate but could not serve because he had not pardoned from his imprisonment yet. Then he became governor again 1877 to 1879; he went on to repair the economy, agriculture, schools, etc.
I believe that even though Vance had been a part of the Confederation. He did serve our state well because of his seat in Commons, House of Representatives, and North Carolina governor. Vance had even lost his eye because of the hard work he was doing. He had been such an influence Vance has county, towns, schools and hall of a college named after him. Vance even had services in the Senate chambers and after that he was buried in Asheville. (

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