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American Culture Essay On Tamala

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As we all know, there are many different cultures around the world, but you never really know what it feels like being between two different cultures until you are experiencing it yourself. As I grew up, I had the privilege and misfortune of becoming familiar with two different cultures: my family’s culture that was from their birth country, Guatemala, and the culture of the United States of America. I say misfortune not because it was a disaster, catastrophe, or bad luck; I say it because sometimes you get so used to being in one culture that you start to forget about your family’s origin. Guatemala and the United States are two different countries with different cultures: their people eat different foods, dress differently, and speak different languages.
Guatemala has a national dish that is tamale. A tamale is made of a corn masa that is flavored with a Spanish seasoning called achiote and stuffed with tomato recado, which is a flavorful thick sauce, roasted red bell pepper strips, and chicken, beef, or
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Now, Guatemalans wear Jean pants and see through clothes such as; leggings, shirts, skirts, etc. Instead of wearing their traditional clothes. Traditionally, Guatemalan people hand made their clothes and added bright, bold colors like red, blue, yellow, and pink. These colors are found on all types of dresses, skirts, shirts, and even on the pants that only men wore. The fabric that they use is sisal and cotton, which are known from the Mayan era; they use wool and silk. All the fabrics that Guatemalans use is very cool because of the high temperatures in Guatemala. In the United States, the culture is not so strict on what people wear, but the fabrics are not always cool; there are fabrics that are thick and warm because of their constantly change in

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