American Ethnic Literature Eng/301

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American Ethnic Literature
April M Lee
October 15, 2012
Dr .Greg Beatty

Literature came about many decays ago we use Literature to define the genre: humor, poetry, drama, plays, science- fiction and more. You also can use literature for was the ethnicity reason such as; French literature, and English literature and many more other ethnicity. In this paper I am going to talk about the American ethnic literature, American literature American, literary canon and many more different topics.
American ethnic literature is a difficult subject to define because there is no single ethnic type of American when it comes to talking about the American ethic literature in this world. Americans are all made up from the people, who came to the United States. We as American makes the ethnicity part of literature by combine the different culture from all over the states. During the found of the nations there were a lot of groups of immigrants that had come to add their talent to our country. (Ethnic American Literature, 2000) The Irish was the largest group that had came in the early part of the 1800s. The Asia brought the culture over around the 1960s to share their talent and beliefs. All of them came together by bring their different skills, way they be thinking and beliefs to show everyone how they was different from the mainstream of the Americans, and by challenging different things in life, they force us to reconsider our beliefs of thinking. This is a difficult setting to face, but the ultimately what made the nation stronger.
In this world today we hear many people discussing about allowing immigrants to retain their own culture and learn about American culture. Many years ago, it was a big deal of the immigrants to assimilate because they wanted to become…...