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American History Our Hope For The Future Essay

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American History: Our Hope for the Future

Today, history, as a body of knowledge, encircles not only the events of the past but also the consequences that affect our future. History shapes our lives today. It largely affects the way we think, speak, and interact with each other is all affected by history. The impact of history on society is so significant, it practically molds our future. Look around, we have running water, telephone, electricity, vehicles, and so much more inventions that make life simpler. However, if someone in the past had not thought of these inventions then our present would be completely different. History has a such an enormous impact on society because the interaction between the society and its past is an unending one. History is not simply about facts and dates, instead look at it as if it was a map. It helps provide information that dictates where we came from and where we are going. Decisions and events in history have directed events in the present. Visualize a world without the modern medicine we have today. It’s hard to believe that a few centuries ago diseases were viewed to be caused by evil spirits or it was punishment for sinners. In the 19th century, Louis Pasteur’s work led to the acceptance of the germ theory, this allowed for cures to developed to destroy many …show more content…
This invention was one of the major driving forces behind the Renaissance. Before the Gutenberg press, books were copied by hand, very expensive, and very time consuming. Monks, scribes, and the educated worked for many hours to make copies of literature, religious texts, and official documents. The printing press made it easier for books could be printed in a tiny fraction of the time. Individuals could have their own books, this gave education to lower class and not for just the rich and

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