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American Icon

Cassandra Brown

MKT/421 Marketing

March 9, 2015
Heather Teague

American Icon

So many factors are in the making of marketing a product; however, the important factor is the value of the brand. Customers are faithful to one brand and will not normally abandon that brand. Knowing that is the reason why companies spend so much time and money on marketing their products. One of my favorite brands that I am faithful to is the American icon, the Oreo cookies. It is true that Oreo cookies are an American cultural icon and for that reason is why I am passionate about Oreo cookies, with a great customer loyalty and an abundant relationship with customers, and with a lack of competition of the Oreo cookies.
Passion of an American Icon There are many reasons that I am passionate about Oreo cookies and to label each one would be hard since they all flow in to one. As a child one of my fondest memories was visiting with my grandmother who always had Oreo cookies in her pantry. Getting to have those deliciously sweet chocolate and crispy cookies with a sugary creamy filling as soon as I walked in the door, I knew the fun would begin. Sitting around the table with my family, with a glass of milk in front of each of us, each one would create a new way, a favorite way to eat those delicious cookies. She made eating Oreo cookies fun by reaching out to each of our creative sides. It was one thing that we all enjoyed, unlike vegetables. It was an enchanting time for me and I can appreciate why an Oreo cookie is an American icon.
Customer Loyalty and Relationships According to "Oreo" (2010) “Since its introduction in 1912, Oreo cookies continue to be America’s most popular cookie brand.” (para. Achievements). Nabisco Company still focuses on customer loyalty and the relationship to other companies and their brands. Oreo has...

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